This was an epic adventure. Adventures in fishing AND weather.

The weather was challenging for Captain Jerry and the crew. But it did not hamper the incredible pay off it produced. “The nights were though roughest as far as weather” commented one fisherman “but these fish that we caught made it all worth it”

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The average depth of this deep drop was 1250 feet. The deepest being at

1625 feet. at these depths they bring in some different fish like the cool “Leviathan Snapper” and bunches of  Black belly rosefish.

The Golden Tilefish that were boated were enormous as well as some monster Barrel fish. Andre landed a beautiful Amberjack while trolling on the way in.

He also took home two Jackpots with his giant Tilefish and that beautiful Amberjack.

“Jimmy” commented that the only complaint that he had was that he had to stop fishing and come home!z7

This was a kick ass trip. So many more fish were there but did not bite. The weather and water temps are starting to rise which means the bite is surely going to get cranking as well.

Captain Joy