Incredible day of fishing! Capt.Mitch would say otherwise because of the way the boat was swinging. The weather was picture perfect, but the strong tide and wind would not let the Gulfstar sit on an anchor course for most of the time. But WOW..NICE FISH!


50-55 feet of “cold” water was what he was working in today. The report was that the first half started out slow but the second half made the trip.


About twenty seven nice size Gags were kept and a couple of Reds too. A few Grunt and one Mango were also part of the total.


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Father & son team Keith and Charlie drove three hours from the East coast and said that they were so glad that they did. “it was worth the drive”.


Many fish were lost or broke off today, but it didn’t matter. We had a happy bunch of fisherman departing the boat with a good days catch.

“Joann’s cooking is the best” commented one passenger.”I caught fish and ate well” another gentleman said.


This was a very good day!

Captain Joy