The first two Leviathan trips of the year were definitely a kick in the teeth for us and this trip started very similar. Capt. Mitch’s first stop in shallower waters had a decent bite but their move to the 200 fathom mark was not so productive. A survey was taken to see if everyone on board would like to return to the 100-150 fathom area that they had been, and the vote was unanimous to go back.  Upon their return they got on a good pick of Yellowedge, Scamp, and a couple of Kitty Mitchell Grouper, Golden Tilefish and Barrelfish. Black Belly Rosefish and Vermillion Snapper were found as well. All things considered, perhaps Leviathan Ledge is in a low cycle and a change in the game plan is needed. The jackpot fish were Bo-J Janecka’s Golden Tile Fish, Todd Rider’s Barrelfish, and JR Heacox’s Red Grouper. Another notable fish was JR’s beautiful Leviathan Snapper.
Fish On!!