Wow. This was an AWESOME trip. The weather was a bit rough to start with but eased off after the first day. It was an all star cast of crew that included Captains Mitch and Jerry. Ryan and Ben on deck with the three Amigo girl crew of Joann, Marissa & Emily.

IMG_1711                                                                 IMG_1764

Many of our fantastic regulars were back and it was great to see their smiling faces. “AB” who is usually the Grunt King was doing some grunting after the HUGE 75LB Amberjack that he landed kicked his behind.

Zack had one as well but it was lost at the surface. “Ash” brought his gun show and boated two beautiful size Kitty Mitchells!

Emily and Marissa had their share of action with a giant Gag and Amberjack amongst other fish. As a matter of fact, the variety of species caught was incredible. They included….Yellowedge Grouper. Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Kitty Mitchell,

giant Scamp.Mutton & Red Snapper,Margate, Porgies, Vermillion Snapper, Bar Jack, Amberjack, Yellow tail Snapper Black fin Tuna and a few Lionfish.

Mike went home with the largest Snapper (monster Mutton) And Arnold got the largest Grouper prize with his ginormous


This was an action packed trip with plenty of fish and happy fisherman!


Captain Joy