The 8 day trip was a great time right from the start. We had a great weather forecast and reports that the tuna were biting. We departed on Thursday morning 8/1 and had until Friday 8/9 to go fish and have fun. The plan was to go fish a whole bunch of oil platforms in the central and western gulf for tuna and troll for Marlin, Wahoo and Mahi. We had also planned on doing some deep drop bottom fishing on some of the thousands of salt domes in the western gulf. We stopped on the way out and had some great snowy grouper and barrel fish action in 850 feet but if you can believe it we ran short on time and didn’t get to fish the salt domes. The estimated travel distance round trip 1100 nautical miles. We did have a few clichés in the program during the trip though, We had a freshwater issue… somehow we used most of our 1000 gals of water by day 4 (there is some speculation that once Zach learned about Taint hygiene he was like a kid on Christmas morning and used all the water) and we were concerned that the 8000 lbs. of ice we packed on board was going faster than I had anticipated. So we took some time and steamed to port Fourchon Louisiana to reload on water, ice and fuel. The passengers and crew took a little time for a walk to go have a look around and restock on things like bait catching rigs, every pink plug in town and smokes. The day before the pink plug was what the tuna wanted to eat. Not a pink skirt not a pink surface lure but only a pink swimming plug. The blue runners that we were catching for bait were tearing apart all of our bait rigs (note to self… next time brink 20 rigs per angler). Anyway.. we had a great time and caught lots of fish, the Tuna were not supersized or anything but we had good action with fish to 75 lbs. We also caught Marlin, Spearfish, Wahoo, Mahi, Rainbow Runners, Snowy Grouper, Barrel fish, Yellowedge Grouper, Longtail Bass and a bunch of other fish.
I am planning 3 trips similar to this next summer so if you want to go on a great adventure save your Vacation time!!!!
I could go on for hours about what a great time we had but I don’t type that well so here is the link to the 3 videos that we have posted on the website. We tried to keep them short and to the point but that is hard to do on such an awesome trip. Enjoy!!!!