The approaching full moon didn’t hold back any favors for anglers; coolers came back pretty full. The first stop started with a steady pick and release of the “taboo” Red Snapper but soon enough the Mangos, Vermilions and Lanes showed up in decent numbers with a stray Gag and Red Grouper here and there. When the sun came up the Amberjacks came to play and gave many a good fight. As the day continued,  anglers brought up a mix of Gag and Red Grouper, Mangos, Porgies and Vermilions. Late Saturday night into late Sunday morning the Mango, Vermillion and Lane bite continued, with a few Gags and monster Key West Grunts. The Jackpot winning fish was Ibrahim’s  Amberjack, John’s Mango and Bruce’s Red Grouper.

Fish On!!