This trip was quite the adventure, with wild storms early in the morning and winds throughout the rest of the day. Although the Grouper and Snapper action left much to be desired, Amberjacks were having a party under the boat. 23 Keepers in all where invited to coolers, with at least that many more too small and released unharmed. Jacks only have a few natural predators  (besides us), and one of them helped them self to one of Greg Ahrens.  Although there was no pool for these fish, the largest two were caught by Mike Bavis, and Mike McKey. The only Grouper caught were Gags that had to be released, and one lone Mango Snapper caught by Greg Ahrens ( guess it makes up for the fish head he was left with after the shark was done) All things considered, I doubt anyone minded the action packed fight that unruly AJ’s gave them, because upon their return there were plenty of smiles on those quite exhausted faces!

Happy Fishing!!