Take a cruise on an old wooden beauty of yesteryear.

River / Harbor Cruise

Naturalist guided 45 Minute tour on the Anclote River culminating with the chance to view a beautiful sunset.*  Discover and learn about native Floridian wild and marine life as well as local attractions and historical sites as you cruise the beautiful waterway and if your aboard during sunset, you will get a great view. Family friendly and children oriented experience.

SUNSET: 6pm Cruise thru 3/10/18

Price: Adults $10.70, Children $7.49 + 6% online booking fee
11 am – 4 pm, Half Day Fishing

Eco Marine life River Tour

Naturalist guided 1 hour and 45 minute tour down the Anclote River.  See what its like to be a local bay fisherman. Haul in fish traps that are set in Saint Joseph Sound and interact with the local inhabitants in our on board “hands on” touch tank. Discover and learn about native Floridian wild and marine life as well as local attractions and historical sites.  Family friendly and children oriented experience. All marine life gets returned back to the sea at the end of the tour.

Price: Adults $21.99, Child ages 4-11 $14.99, 3 & under $2.00 + 6% online booking fee
11 am – 4 pm, Half Day Fishing

Friendly experienced crew:

IMG_1052   Captain Sarah Brodwell is a USCG 100 Ton Master Captain and she Majored in Marine Biology at Stonybrook South Hampton University. She started on the Viking Fleet 18 years ago while working as an EMT at a Marine Bio summer camp. Sarah started as a deckhand and work her way up to captain while gaining priceless knowledge on the ocean from the old salty captains she worked for.  Her love of the ocean led her to commercial fishing for over ten years while having many adventures.  Sarah loves sharing her passion and knowledge of the water with all who come aboard. 

Alicia 2   Captain Alicia Wilson is a  USCG 50 Ton Master Captain and a certified Florida Naturalist who studied Forest and Wildlife Conservation at MCCC and Fish and Wildlife Management at UF. She has been passionate about Nature since she was a young child rescuing the bats that fell out of the rafters of her barn and hiding them under her bed to nurse them back to health. While mating on a six pack boat she became curious about the affects fishing had on the environment and Alicia has now devoted her life to teaching all who will listen about Florida’s vast and wondrous eco system.


  • River / Harbor Cruise
  • Sunset Cruises (6pm Cruise thru 3/10/18-7pm Cruise 3/11/18)
  • Eco Marine life Cruises
  • On board Touch Tank
  • Two restrooms
  • Open rooftop sun lounge and star gazing deck
  • Available for Private Charters

     The Viking Classic

The Viking Classic Is a 54 year old wooden boat built with heart pine in Deltaville Va. She has unique ties to us here, our patriarch; Captain Paul G Forsberg has a family tie to her. Captain Paul’s grandfather Carl T Forsberg was the Naval architect that designed her back in the early 1960s. Carl Forsberg designed many boats in his career that went on to work up and down the east coast.

Carl’s son Captain Carl Forsberg started the Viking fishing fleet on Long Island NY after WWII with money from the GI bill. Paul worked for his dad and eventually took over the family business. The Classic was not owned and operated by Captain Paul’s family until many years later. By the time Paul purchased her in 2014 she had already worked for 50 years on the waters off Long Island and was looking pretty tired but Captain Paul saw a classic beauty and his family history under all that peeling paint and rusty nails.

Taking 3 years to totally refurbish her from stem to stern, Master carpenter Peter B McIntire artfully cut timbers of mahogany, teak and heart pine and one piece at a time and fit them into place just as they were fit 50 years ago. The bright work is amazing, the mahogany was varnished almost to perfection by the most insanely patient painter ever. Keith Hutton put almost 50 gallons of varnish on at the rate of 1 coat per day. The ships wheel was custom built by Peter for Captain Paul as a gift. It has the names of 4 generations of Forsberg Captains inlayed into the teak. 

For us she is a special boat, she has the history of American boat building pride and now carries a family legacy of 6 generations. For us…… she is a true American Classic.