Happy Valentines day! After being on dry dock for a few days and a spell of bad weather, it was a nice change of pace to be getting out.


Even though the wind was still blowing, it turned out to be a pretty day. The water was very churned up because of all the wind which also had an affect  on todays  fishing. Even the jumping dolphins were swimming muddy conditions as the Gulfstar made it’s way around the island.


We  were  in approximately 40 feet of water. Plenty of nice hard bottom and fish were showing strong upstairs, but catching them proved to be difficult.

Some nice grunts were picked off and even a throw back Red Grouper was caught and released.


Some of our “regular” die hards were with us today and commented on how it was just “one of those days”.

It was not a loss though. Everybody aboard was very happy and impressed on how the Captain & crew conducted themselves and made this a fun day of fishing for them.


Tomorrow is another day!

Capt. Joy