The wind was blowing this morning with a bite from the Northeast. We had an eight AM departure with a private party booked for today.

Capt. Mitch headed north and stayed closer in due to the weather conditions.

Many undersized grouper were being caught all morning along with a nice keeper Gag.

As the day moved forward, it was obvious that fishing was going to be a challenge.

“The water looked like milk” reported one angler. “but Capt. Mitch was determined”

Morning turned into afternoon and the “shorts” were still being thrown back along with many jumbo Gray snapper and few Porgies.

The average depths of fishing ranged from eighteen to twenty five feet of water.

Also making an unwelcome appearance was the gumbo. (green slimy seaweed type of growth)

This ended up being more of a “fishing day” than a “catching” day with two beautiful Gags and a Fat Red Grouper to match with plenty of Grunt and Sea bass for our fishermen to take home. click here for some pics

Capt. Joy