12049416_926418464096640_8372302592021801827_n[1]This year we offered for the first time an eastern Gulf  salt dome trip. We did 3 of them in September and we called the month “Salt Dome September”. I had phone calls and emails from excited fishermen about these trips for many months after the schedule came out. Some doubtful about the possibility of success in such deep water but, mostly from the “offshore adventurist” it was what tackle, gear and stuff do I need to make the trip a good one. We had absolutely fantastic fishing on all three of the trips, far beyond what we had expected. I know it sounds like a cliché but together the Gulfstar and the “offshore adventurists” have made history. We are the only multi passenger boat to go and successfully fish for bottom fish in the Gulf at depths out to 1700 feet. Fishing at these depths take dedication and an ability to adapt. The 23 “adventurists” that went and conquered the deep are the fishing report. These guys took a chance, dealt with difficult conditions and caught many incredible fish. Funny thing was that all 3 trips had its own momentum. The first trip had many big Queen snapper, the second had lots of huge Barrel fish at day and swordfish at night and the third had loads of Snowy grouper. All of the trips produced Golden tilefish, Leviathan snapper, Yellow edge Grouper, Grey tilefish and lots of other species. The unknown of what is going to bite and what tomorrow is going to bring is what drives the Gulfstar, her crew and her passengers further and further offshore every year in search of new grounds to fish. Giving new stories to tell our family and friends, and most of all being the first to make the fishing report. The drive to “be” the report, rather then the one who reads the report is one of the many reasons to venture so far offshore. The photos of these trips are on our Facebook page.

The Gulfstar and crew are the leaders in Gulf of Mexico Deep Drop adventure…. Often imitated but NEVER duplicated!