Departure time was noon on Monday with some storms brewing in the background. This group of fishermen was a light bunch, a handful of die hard regulars and a few newcomers.

The adventure this time around produced a wide variety if species. Including Yellow Edge, Gags, Tilefish, Scamp,Porgies, Mangrove Snapper, Vermillion Snapper,Red Grouper, Kingfish. Kitty Mitchell

This was the last trip of the year for Carlos who landed a nice mess of Kingfish, an 80 LB AJ that gave him a good 30 min fight.(released safely) and he even had a White Marlin on the hook for a brief time.(not to mention all the other fish) Jason was also out this trip, and this was his fish list, word for word

My catch (Jason)

1-Yellow edge grouper
1-Kitty Mitchel (calico grouper)
4- Scamp grouper
1-Red grouper
2 – blue line tilefish
2 – King fish
10 – porgies
14 mangrove snappers
1- red snapper (throw Back safely)

He ended up with the jackpot Grouper while Dean went home with the Largest Gag.

The ride home proved to be a bumpy one due to the rough weather. But they arrived at the dock safe and sound with plenty of fish in hand.


Captain Joy