The Hogfish bite was light but not from lack of trying.. The recent red tide had devastated many hogfish as  reported by the deckhands who had seen many dead fish including lots of hogfish floating in the Gulf over  the  past few weeks….

The seas were a bit active during the morning catch and calmed down a lunch time.                 

A lot of short ( non keeper)  red grouper were caught as well as lots of oversized grunts.
The afternoon picked up after a great tasting lunch prepared by Joann. The short red grouper were still being caught as well as a  couple of keeper gag grouperTeam Selby was out  celebrating one month of school under their belt and was able to garner 2 big keeper Red Grouper and one keeper Gag Grouper. Dad  said the Grouper were down there but were not aggressive in the bite but being rather picky and lazyIt really was a task in  luring the grouper to bite but when they, did it was game on…..not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday after all this rain we have had….

Bob Selby Jr

*note from Capt. Joy:

It was a pleasure speaking to the passengers as they departed the boat. Ann was especially fun to chat with and thank you to the other newcomers Jay &Bruce for all the compliments. We are so happy that you all were impressed and had a great trip! 🙂