This was one of those days! The weather was rainy and windy and the seas a bit bumpy. Our crew today was Capt. Mitch, James, Ryan and Joann.

Ryan was “under he weather” and while pulling the anchor “in the weather” to his shock, there was no anchor at the end of the rope!

As the day progressed, the weather finally started to clear but the wind persisted to blow. The depths that Mitch was working was averaging 65 feet of water.

Fishing was very spotty for our small group of fisherman today, but they still managed to squeak out some nice Gags, a few Mangrove Snapper and a nice mess of Grunts.

Kevin was all smiles as he proudly posed with his limit of Gag.


The conditions could of been better as well as the bite. But like they say, that’s why they call it “fishing” and not “biting”  🙂


Capt. Joy