Roy and his New York crew came down to fish with the Viking Fleets southern counterpart, a change from there usual Montauk endeavors. Captains Mitch and James were at the helm to provide a Gulf of Mexico style deep-water excursion. Early Tuesday morning started off in 1400 ft. with some windy conditions. The bite started off slow picking at some beautiful Leviathan and Queen Snappers and Black Belly Rosefish (one of my personal favorites) Later that day after a move to waters around 800-900 ft. Gray Tilefish, And Snowy and Yellowedge Grouper found there way onto hooks. Tuesday night was finished with some attempts at swords but none were brought to the surface. On Wednesday anglers were back into 1400 ft. that produced some Golden Tilefish, and more Leviathan Snapper and Black Belly Rosefish. Wednesday Afternoon the decision was made to return to shallower waters and that evening Snowy and Yellowedge Grouper topped off coolers before returning home. It was a enjoyable and productive trip with some very nice fish.

Happy Fishing!!