The 2013 Red Snapper season started out with turmoil right from 2012. The National Marine Fisheries Service in August of last year said the recreational sector caught to many red snapper for 2012 and we were going to have to pay it back in 2013. Then in May 2013  the feds announced the shortest season ever and then f got challenged in a federal court and lost. The weather in the beginning of June was horrible with a tropical storm starting up right in our backyard. After the weather passed everything seemed to calm down and it was now time to catch red snapper But,…. the red Snapper didn’t read the same websites, blogs, forums and newspapers that everybody else was reading. The snappers were not in all of there normal places. As many of you know in the past we have had to run from them at almost every stop. This year was different, we had a weird spring that was colder than the winter, the sea surface temp was almost cold in May and the offshore schools of bait that normally come in April and May are just getting here now. Sure there were some nice Snapper around and we caught our limit or near our limit on most trips but it was off this year. I am not saying we caught em all or anything like that, I simply believe they thinned out because food got a little scarce. Over the next few months we will keep track of the release counts and see if it seems to be getting back on track.