Capt.’s Mitch and James reported fantastic ride to the grounds, beautiful weather continuing throughout the trip as well as great fishing. Late Monday night they made their first stop and were greeted by some Vermillion Snapper, and released some out of season American Red Snapper and a few undersize Red Grouper. Tuesday morning they headed out to deeper waters and found a steady bite of Queen Snapper, Scamp and Yellowedge Grouper, and Gray Tilefish. Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning while  fishing over a wreck, an Amberjack and two Warsaw Grouper  were put on ice. One of the Warsaw’s weighed in at 318 lbs.!! Wednesday wrapped up the trip with some more Queens, Scamp and Yellowedge Grouper and Gray Tilefish action. The Jackpot fish were Joe Ensel’s Kitty Mitchell, John Leib’s Amberjack and a close one with Earnest Curtis’ Queen Snapper coming out on top by just mere ounces! The next Pulley Ridge Trip is scheduled for March 6th. You can book online or call the office to make a reservation at 727.938.5300.

Fish On!!