Capt. Jerry and James reported beautiful weather for the majority of the trip with only a rough ride in at the end. Tuesday morning started out drifting in around 850 feet of water; anglers hooked onto some Gray Tilefish, Yellowedge and Snowy Grouper early in the day. As the day went on, action slowed down so they made a run inshore to waters around 300 feet. Early Wednesday gave a slow pick of some nice size Scamp Grouper, Red Porgies and Margate, Vermillion Snapper and a few released American Red Snapper. Late Wednesday morning, Capt. Jerry ran back out to 500 feet and had a steady bite of bigger Queen, and Vermillion Snapper, Yellowedge and Snowy Grouper and Gray Tilefish before they headed back for their bumpy ride back to the dock. The jackpot winning fish were David Riddick’s 27lb. Kitty Mitchell Grouper and Mike Greenberg’s 18lb. Queen Snapper.

Fish On!!