The adventure started out of the gate with an approaching cold front. The seas were on the rough side and there were a few squalls. But the conditions did not break this group, These are some hard core fisherman! Even one of the toughest fisherman, Arnett, was hugging the first palm tree he spotted when  he departed the Gulfstar. hee hee.

The Mangrove Snapper bite stayed strong during the day and throughout the night. Many beautiful Red Grouper were caught and released as well as some Triggerfish. “Art” hauled in a whopper Amberjack that was also safely released. Lots of Vermillion Snapper and Porgies filled the coolers as well.

Captain Mitch reported that the depths were averaging 120FT of water. Joe Castellano was aboard and besides slaying the fish, he got clunked in the head by a bucket of lead sinkers! In the other corner, Joann and newbie deckhand Rob shared a hatch as they took catnaps while holding each other up in the rough seas.

“George” who was a passenger commented that he had a great time and will be back. There were eyewitness reports that he was dancing so much on deck that he danced his pants off!

“Hal” took first place with his monster Gag while Howard ran a close second.

This was a great trip for all aboard. This is a fun, yet serious fishing crowd. We enjoy having them fish with us.


Captain Joy