After a few weeks of being tied up for renovations, we happily made our first Middle Grounds trip. With the cabin remodeled and looking spiffy, the Gulfstar , passengers and crew headed out on this Friday night.

Our crew included the return of the one and only “Best Booty” aka: Captain Jerry, Captain Mitch, Joann, Rob and newbie Paul.

The ride was a bumpy and chilly one . They worked depths up to 120 feet of water. The Gag fishing wasn’t the best but the action on deck was non stop. On the “throw back” list (due to closed season) were numerous Red Grouper, some Large Amber Jack (Alfredo boated a monster 75 pounder)

And some huge American Red Snapper (Komino was about to cry because he couldn’t bring home his catch) The keeper list included a nice King compliments of Keith, who also caught a barracuda, an AJ and was broke off by a nice Grouper. Mangrove Snapper were limited out, along with some beautiful Porgies. loads of Scamp and an unbelievable amount of B-liners (Vermillion Snapper) MONSTER size ones as well.

Ben and the rest of our group departed with filled coolers of fish. Bob went home with the largest Scamp jackpot and Lee rolled out of the parking lot with the Mangrove Snapper jackpot.

Great trip!

Captain Joy