Our day started with a six AM departure. The weather conditions were on the cool and breezy side with a cold front knocking on our door. Because of the weather Capt Mitch decided today was gonna be a shallow water day.

After about a  two and a half hour run up the beach, the fishing commenced. Our enthusiastic group experienced a steady start to begin with. They picked up a few Gag and Red Grouper as the day progressed. “lots of big fish were lost” “says Capt. Mitch

“With alot of shorts thrown back too.” There were many rods bent over at the same time.

Around 11:45, the “Grouper school” must of been let out for recess. Because it was a solid thirty minutes of Catching and not just fishing.

Gags and Red Grouper were being caught one after another. Passengers were taking full advantage of the bite. At approximately 12:10…the frenzy tapered off. Fishing remained steady though throughout the rest of the day.

In conclusion, we ended up with a beautiful load of fish. A healthy combination of Gags, Reds, Key West Grunt, Porgies, two nice Mackerel one King fish, and a partridge in a pear tree!  (click here for photos)


Capt. Joy

One more side note: Capt Mitch reports the discovery of a new species called the “Speckle eyed Speckless”