This was an exciting day as the Sundance II made it inaugural trip. Our passengers  were a variety of  happy folks including a few newbies: Hubby and wife tem Mike & Elaine, and  the “trio” of pals Ed, Pat and Dave.

Most of the passengers were thrilled to be a part of this historical day. As far as the crew went, Captain Rich was aboard overseeing Captain James and the rest of the crew during this time of transition. Captain Ron was also aboard as well as Mike.

A Mamma Dolphin and her baby followed us out of the channel during the ride to the fishing grounds.

The fishing was picky during the first couple of stops but not from lack of trying. Finally as the tide changed, the fish started to fly in to the boat at a fast pace.

There was a fishing contest going on all day. Guys against the Gals. The guys may have caught the first fish, but the girls, including myself, Jean the fishing machine,Perri and Miss Mary put a hurtin’ on the competition.

“Malibu Eddie” brought in a double header that had included an undersize Red Grouper.

Lots of bait were scattered and jumping around the Gulf today. At one point, a giant school was under the boat and a four FT  Barracuda was lurking around with them, waiting for a quick meal.

The trip was a success, with trial and error the boat will be tweaked to perfection. This is a very comfortable and roomy vessel for half day fishing. We are all looking forward to many more good times aboard the Sundance.


Capt. Joy