Today’s half day trip brought lots of smiles along with lots of fish.

We had an enthusiastic bunch aboard the Gulfstar today. From New York, to Ohio and all the way from California, the customers were a mixed bag of travelers eager to fish.

The bite started off pretty good with a combo of Key west grunt and mess of “shortie” grouper. A couple nice sized Porgies were brought in too.

After the second stop, one of our “little fisherman” hooked in to something huge & mysterious. He put his heart into cranking that reel while mate Ryan stood by. Unfortunately, it broke off before we could see what it was. I say a huge shark, while others swear it was a monster grouper. What ever it was, it bent the hook! (see photo)

Before long, the keepers were being caught. We ended up with about five nice size Red Grouper and one beautiful Gag. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we even witnessed some “smiling” dolphins jumping in the wake. It was a fun filled day for us all.

Capt. Joy