Todays departure time was 7:00 AM. & 16 hours to go.

We  headed north with high hopes of catching some Grouper. The ride out was breezy but nice.

Our first stop wasn’t for fishing, we needed to collect a lost anchor from our commercial boat the “ Marissa Jane”   It was quite the spectacle watching the mates retrieve it as the waves hit us one after another (see pics). They did a great job!

As the morning progressed, we had finally reached our destination. Fishing in about 45 feet of water, the first stop was an active one. A nice size Amberjack was brought in along with some  his  smaller cousins  or “shorties”.

The Grouper were also very plentiful. Lots of nice keepers, and “too many to count” throw backs.

By 1:00 PM,we had already boated 20 head of grouper. Both Gag & Reds. The fishing was incredible today. (I was out too) and was fortunate to bring in 2 nice Gags and a nice big fat Red Grouper.

There were also many break offs and missed opportunities. But thats part of the sport that we call “fishing” right? 🙂

Anyhow, a few nice Scamp were also caught  along with many nice size Porgies, an abundance  of JUMBO Key West snapper (grunt) and a few keeper Amberjack. octopus and one soap fish too!

In conclusion, I would summarize this trip as a darn good one! Lots of action,fun and laughs, Our passengers limited out on Gag grouper and caught an additional 19 head of Red Grouper with two sizable Hog fish to boot!

Also, a shout out to Jim Bland who not only brought in a 15lb “whopper”Gag. he also went home with the jackpot !

Way to go Jim!!

Check out the pics   click here

Capt. Joy