Ya know how the Postal oath starts out? Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night…

Well, this is a similar synopsis of our trip this weekend.

The wind was howling on the first night and throughout the next day but our group still managed to swing a great catch.

Each stop seemed to start out great,and the fishfinder was lit up and then, all of a sudden,the action would cease. Very frustrating, but of course, no one was about to give up. Move after move, they slowly filled the fish box & coolers.

Although the fish were slow biters, the passengers were not as they wolfed down Joann’s “superb” pork chops (as one gentleman stated). Speaking of the galley,Joann reported that white caps were forming in the crockpot as the wind continued to blow.

The bite remained slow  throughout the remainder of the trip, but both crew and passengers worked hard and made this a productive trip. “Ravi” even reeled in what was left of a nice Amberjack. A bunch of Red Snapper were also on the “throw back” list as well as Goliath grouper.

Caught and kept was an anchor! Ryan was scratching his head in disbelief as he pulled the boats anchor, and attached to it was another one.

On the way in,the wind seemed to slack off a bit, but the fog decided to make an appearance. Capt. Ron and the mates were spotting markers as Capt. Mitch navigated the channel.

In the end, a nice load of Mangroves were part of the final tally along with some beautiful Gags,Vermillion Snapper, Huge Amberjack, Scamp, Porgies and Red Grouper. And some huge Trigger fish too!                       (click here for pictures)
Capt. Joy