Our group departed around 6:00 PM on Friday the 30th.  This is a familiar trip for Marty Grasso and his bunch.

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They couldn’t of asked for better weather. The fishing was fantastic as well. “fishing was much better on this trip  last”said Mary(Mrs.Grasso). She had a great assorted catch including a beautiful size Red Grouper, Yellow Tail, Red Snapper and plenty of Mangrove Snapper and B Liners. Some of the  B liners (Vermillion Snapper) were huge this go around.

Heidi Seitz was out and described an experience she had. TWICE, she had a “mystery” fish on. With high hopes each time, and fighting like hell with anticipation, TWICE she had a shark on the end of her line!  Both her and her Mom had a phenomenal trip.

Captain Jerry described this as a “great” trip. And speaking to everyone dockside, the description was right on!

This adventure produced the limit on American Red Snapper (Special permit),  Plenty of of Mangos & Porgies.

Not to forget the Gags, Two of them were monsters! Whitney was telling me how the one he caught was as big as his girlfriend. And when I finally saw it….I almost had to agree! (see pics) There were also a couple of monster Red Grouper mixed in with the smaller ones as well.

A “Sargasim”was brought in and released. This is a  seldom seen strange looking fish. Yes, there is a picture of that too.

Almost forgot to mention the whopper Scamp that were also included in the tally. There were some beauties for sure.

This was a very successful and productive trip. The best part was hearing how happy everybody was with the fishing, Captain and crew.


Captain Joy