Captains Jerry & Mitch were at the helm for this annual charter event.

Marty & Mary Grasso seem to bring together the best of the best folks every year. From family to friends these fisherman did an outstanding job catching them up.

Depths ranged from 120-170 feet of water with plenty of excitement. Just as the guys thought they had the largest AJ category in the bag, Mary brought up a whopper weighing in@ 47lbs and took home the jackpot. Marty Grasso 2 day Angryfish summer   (26)

Beautiful Gags were caught as well as some sizable Red Snapper, Mangroves and Porgies.

Mike & Chris tied up with the Grouper while Bill & Marty had a equal split for largest Mangrove category.

Marty Grasso 2 day Angryfish summer   (39)

Lots of smiles and plenty of fish to go around. This was one happy bunch of anglers.


Capt. Joy