This has been a spectacular few weeks for half day fishing. Captain James continues to keep our passengers very busy with consistent days of  fish slaying.

Water temps are on the rise and depths fished are averaging 35-45    feet of water. Grey Snapper or “Grunts” seem to be jumping in the boat while many Gag Grouper as well as some Red Grouper are being captured (and safely released).z66

Triggerfish, Jumbo Black Sea bass, Porgies, even some Mackerel and cute puffer fish have been keeping deckhands Rob and Jay busy on deck. And of course our regulars, (not talking about you AB) the daily dolphin show, is always a bonus as well as many Sea turtle sightings. Hungry pelicans following the Sundance looking for a hand out is a nightly occurrence.zzzz


If you have family in  from out of town for the holiday or you just feel like having an awesome afternoon of fishing, join us aboard the Sundance II , you wont regret it!


Capt. Joy