It was a beautiful day today. Mostly cloudy out on the water but calm seas.


We had fisherman from all over aboard with us. Two teenage girls who were fishing together had a blast and caught a total of seven Blow fish along with their stringer of Grunts.


Eddie from California had a mystery fish hitting his line. He reported losing a couple of rigs and at one point, he got hit so hard that the fish broke his pole.

It was a very busy day with lots of action for everybody. Loads of Grunt were caaught and a couple of small Gags were caught and safely released.


Ryan the deckhand reports that a crab trap (without a  marker) was caught and was full of Sea urchins! The top was removed so they were free to come and go.


As the day wound down, the wind started picking up and it was time to head in.


Many people were happy to tell me about the Dolphins that were jumping in the wake as the made their way back to the channel.

“ a perfect day” Says Linda from Tampa…

Captain Joy