Today was 16 hours of beautiful weather.A light breeze and calm seas. Gorgeous!

The fish were biting but it was a slow and picky one.


The depths of water varied between 60 and 75 feet of water throughout the day.

There were many beautiful Gags and Red Grouper caught. The sizes on these fish were 22 inches up to 30 inches!  One Gag was a MONSTER.


Lots of Grunts were also brought in along with an eye popping 15 Octopus. Big ones at that!

All varieties were not choosey today. When the bite was on, they were hungry for squid and cut bait.


The water is still on the cold side, but hopefully it will all change soon.


Joann the cook reported a herd of dolphin approaching the boat with lots clicks and whistles.


All and all, this was a pretty good day of fishing. To see the photos, please go to our Facebook page as we are still working on our photo album here on the site.

Captain Joy