It just keeps getting better! Fishing was pretty darn good today. So was the weather and the passengers!

As a matter of fact, I heard so many nice things from so many that I may not have room to share.


Jim & Sandy from Michigan were thrilled with the service they received from our guys.

My favorite foursome joined us too…Don, Dick, Dave & Ed left the dock with high expectations, and came back with lots of fish, and LOTS of fish stories!


Holly and Little Logan were out with us again and replied “this is the best boat”!


And then there was Seymore from New York who lost his home during hurricane Sandy. and despite his incredible story, had the best attitude and smile on his face. He Enjoyed the Florida sunshine and awesome fishing trip.


Captain Mitch headed out the North channel today and anchored up  in about twenty eight feet of water.


A very good day of fishing…  pictures from today’s catch can be seen on our Facebook page.

Captain Joy