Fun! fun! fun!  It was such a great day of fishing. Its a different ball game when the person who writes the report is able to join the crew and passengers.

The seas were very calm but it was just a bit overcast today. Capt. Mitch started us out in about thirty five feet of water on the first stop. Once there, we picked off a bunch of Grunt, Porgie and some shortie Red Grouper.

By stop two, we hit forty feet of water and the fishing was steady. The passengers today were from ALL over. Nova scotia, Minnesota, New York,New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and even Florida.

Everyone aboard had a fantastic time. The dolphins showed up to put on a brief show for us and even the kids on board kept the pelicans busy on the way in by feeding them off the stern of the boat.

Fun time for the entire bunch aboard the Gulfstar today! Look for today’s pictures on our Facebook page.

Captain Joy