Capt.’s Mitch and James reported very warm weather with clear skies and slick calm seas. The trip started early Saturday morning with a few Gag’s and as the sun started to come up, so did the amount of tight lines; Red, Scamp and Gag Grouper all made there way to coolers as well as some Bonito and Porgies. Late morning into the afternoon produced more Gag, Red and Scamp Grouper and Porgies as well as a Lionfish and a few released Triggerfish. A very notable fish caught late Saturday morning as well, was Greg Ahrens’ big beautiful Hogfish. Saturday evening into early Sunday morning rounded out the trip with a steady pick of Red Snapper and a stream of Mango, Lane and Vermillion Snapper and Porgies along with a few Kingfish. The pool winning fish were Mark Weseman’s Gag Grouper and Alfredo Britons’ Mango Snapper.

Fish On!!