With our extra light group of eight, the Gulfstar headed out in some decent weather for fishing. The bite was very good until the rain and overcast conditions prevailed on Wednesday.

The depths fished were 800- 900 feet of water on the first day then out to 1200 feet to wind it up.June 8th 2015 Leviathan Ledge deep drop (20)

The catch was marvelous . They had Golden Tile, Barrelfish, Leviathan Snapper & Snowy Grouper. Fred boated a beautiful Queen Snapper while the entire boat at one time was in a Mahi bite frenzie..

June 8th 2015 Leviathan Ledge deep drop (31)In the end, this was a very productive trip. Scott, with his HUGE Snowy Grouper went home with the prize for his fish, John got the jackpot for largest Golden Tile and Derius walked away with largest Barrel fish prize.

Another incredible trip!

Capt. Joy