The trip started out on an exciting note, we were on a mission to retrieve a kayak from the water while another boat, The Island Star, rescued the swimmer and pulled another person from his adrift kayak. Thank goodness all were safe.

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The ride out was a 12 HR rough one , but the fishing was on!  Seas calmed to 2 to 3 ft the next day and the fishing just got better.  Of the three Pully Ridge area trips this year, Captain Jerry said this was the best yet.

The average depth was 600 feet of water. And Captain Jerry reports that the preferred bait was squid.

Yellow Edge grouper and Tilefish were numerous and about 30 Queen Snapper were caught.  Night time swordfishing had several strikes but we were unable to hook up, however we able to bring in a couple Blackfin tuna.  While trolling we did get a bunch of Bonitos for bait and we had a Sailfish making chase.  A bunch Mahai added to the excitement.

Some Amberjack were also caught and released. The totals  also included 30 Yellow Edge, 20 Snowy and lots of Porgies as well.

Jackpot winners were Will Walkins with a Blackfin Tuna and Doug Nail with a Snowy Grouper.


While our resident cook Joann took a few much needed personal days,customers report the new “Chef” Dena was outstanding for the first time ever…kudos to her! and the coffee was right on !

Capt Jerry and Capt. James commented that this was a GREAT trip!