Perfect weather today for deep sea fishing. I was fortunate enough to be aboard today with Capt.Mitch, Joann, Ryan, Capt. James and newbie John.

Fishing was on the slow side today, but not for lack of trying.  We started in about 70 feet of water and the bottom machine was lit up with fish but those buggers were not cooperating. We did pick off a bunch of throwbacks and our first Legal Gag. Lots of Grunts as well. The Gumbo was also making a show today. Not to mention the extremely strong tide thanks to the new moon.

After many stops and tries, Capt. Mitch opted to pick up and move in a bit closer. The Gumbo was still around and the fish were still being difficult. The Grunts that we were catching matched the color of the Gumbo. THATS how thick it was, but the day was not a loss by any means.

Sheila, our new found friend was thrilled to have caught her very first Scamp. Terry boated a huge AJ and so did Jim along with some shorty Red Grouper. All safely released back, (AJ’s out of season) A total of 4 Gags and 2 Red Grouper were part of the end total along with some nice Grunts and Porgies.

Also, a beautiful Mackerel was caught by Mark who’s arm was hurting after the fight! In addition,there was a pretty Hogfish compliments of Wayne, and a Cobia was also brought in.

Today was an outstanding day. The catch could of been better but the company aboard was top notch! Elsil (Jerry Rice) kept the laughs going. Ken was another familiar face with many very nice first time Gulfstar guests.   To wrap up the trip, we received an amazing show by a family of dolphins. Check out the video!

I am pretty sure that everybody aboard had great day, myself included!


Captain Joy