The festivities began way before the boat departed with a BBQ dockside with lots of yummy food cooked by the one and only George.

With full bellies our group departed around 7:00 PM and headed out to the grounds. It was a seven hour ride out with beautiful calm seas.

Our Captains this trip were Jerry & Mitch, Jerry reported that the average depth of water was 120 feet.  Fishing was very active.  The Red Snapper were hungry as our bunch limited out and THEN some. “it was a crazy bite” one man said. Some of these Snapper were very good sized. And SO many had to be tossed back because the limit was met.

The Mangrove Snapper were also very plentiful along with the Vermillion Snapper and Porgies. The gags were beautiful too. Bill Grasso took home the Jackpot fish that weighed in at the dock a whopping 36lbs. Allen Yi went home with some cash with his prize winning Mangrove snapper. It was about 10lbs.

Ravi was busy as well catching Scamp with his jigs and boating 4 Kingfish and a Wahoo. Joe also caught a nice Wahoo.  Dale lost a Mahi but bounced back with his beautiful Red Snappers. In fact, EVERYBODY  included in the “East Coast Crankers” had a double header of Red Snapper.

Some Red Grouper were also included as well as some nice Scamp and a Strawberry Grouper. It seems lately that some strange things have been going on  theses multi day trips. In the Middle of the night, according to eye witness reports, rocks were following Bill Grasso around the boat.

There were also reports of an unknown transgender passenger that would mysteriously appear in the men’s room when it was “occupied”. HMMMM.

Captain Jerry  rates this trip a 9 out of 10.  This is easy to believe because this bunch was all smiles and laughs when they arrived at the dock.



Capt. Joy