This 2 Day adventure departed on Tuesday at 8:00 PM. Some of our regulars joined us as well as a few newbies. Also making it back to the Gulfstar was our very own “Emily”!  For those of you who are not familiar with who she is, Miss Emily is  our original “Paparazzi”. She will be aboard most of the trips in the next few weeks and specializes in making the “Gulfstar Videos”. She is an absolute delight and is very good at her job!   Welcome back!

We had Capt. Jerry and Capt. Mitch aboard this go around. Speaking with Mitch, he reported that the depths of water ranged from 120 to 170 feet of water. Weather was pretty good except for the squall lines that went through. The anchor course was constantly changing as the boat spinned  in circles at times.

As far as the fishing goes, it was a very productive.  The Red Snapper totals were very impressive and kept our anglers  busy. The Porgies and Mangrove Snapper catch was awesome as well. A handful of Gags and Red Grouper were also brought in. Including a 30lb whopper compliments of Carlos. He commented that he first thought it was an Amberjack, and after a good fifteen minute fight, he was pleased with what he boated. Jackpot winner!

The 2nd Jackpot category was for largest Mangrove Snapper. Randy and Kevin ended up with rival fish which made them both winners.

“Kent” came all the way from Nebraska (he forgot to bring us some corn) with his buddy Tom. They had a blast and were very pleased with the trip.

David was on his 3rd trip out with us and said he was still obviously very happy with the service and fishing. “hats off to Captain Jerry” he also commented.

Frank who lives in Fort Myers makes the two and a half drive just “for the experience”.  He is obviously a satisfied customer as well as the rest of this great bunch of fisherman.  “great fishing and the best crew on the West coast”!

Check out the amazing videos and photos that will follow with this report 🙂


Captain Joy