Happy New Year! Our first trip of 2014, and it was a cloudy one. Seas were nice, but no sun today. The fishing was hot though!

Everybody out with us today brought in plenty of fish. Our new friend, Ruben who retired from Germany described the trip as a”catching and not fishing”.

A couple of other fellows aboard from Michigan counted 31 fish in their total tally. Which include Grunt (Grey Snapper)  & Porgies.

“as soon as we dropped our lines down, we hooked up with a fish right away” one gentleman reported.

A few Flounder were also caught along with some undersize AND keeper size Gag and Red Grouper. (click here for pictures)

Capt. Mitch took our group a bit further out today to get away from the muddy water that the wind from the last cold front produced.

While speaking with the departing passengers, ALL  gave rave reviews about the crew and the outstanding service they received  aboard the Gulfstar on this fine day of fishing.  Only one request, and that was for warmer weather!  I second that request. 🙂


Capt. Joy