We had a departure time on the early side this go around. Seeing how it was Super Bowl Sunday with many hopes of getting in a bit earlier for the big game.

Mission accomplished. And the trip was a another productive one. The group was fishing in depths on average of about 110 feet. The fog stayed with them the ENTIRE time which made for colder evenings and gloomy days.

The bite was on the slow side according to Capt. Jerry. But seeing the fish being unloaded, you wouldn’t think so. First of all, they limited out on American Red Snapper. There were some beauties caught. (click here for pics)

The Amberjack count was amazing and the Red Grouper that were caught were fantastic in size. The Gag bite was on the slow side, but still, many ( around 20) were caught and released.

Some nice size Mangrove were also caught along with at least 300 Vermillion Snapper or B liners. Many porgies, even some Scamp were part of the catch.


We had a newbie with us this trip, a gentleman named Dick Monks. He caught a really cool Trumpet fish! (see pics) They are pretty unusual, and odd looking. But  beautiful!

They also had an Osprey hanging out with them for about 24 hours. He was probably lost and looking for a safe place to rest.


All in all, it was a very succesful 44 hours of fishing. Everyone was content with their fish and had a great time!