As we made our way to the mouth of the river, it was evident that the fog was going to be with us  today.

While approaching Anclote Island…the markers started disappearing. It is so amazing that the fog never fails to give  that “eerie” feeling. Like a scene right out of a movie!

Anyhow…this was the scene most of the day. Fishing was on the slow side. The boat was swinging off and on the majority of the time. Very frustrating but we still managed a pretty good catch.

Plenty of Grunts and lots of Sea Bass. Porgies and even a small shark were brought in.

Our passengers were awesome! Two different groups from Canada,  others from Ohio, Indiana, and New York.  I was the only native on board. Everybody had a blast. Fog and all. On the way in, we got an incredible show from some dolphins. (click here for video)

“Michele” who was one of our new friends from Canada got soaked by one of the dolphin. They were that close to the boat.Who needs Sea World?

These creatures were performing out of sheer “joy” and fun. The way that it should be.

The ride home was entertaining for sure. As we watched the dolphins play, the fog was thick around the beach. Capt. Mitch even gave me a shout out over the PA and jokingly asked me “where’s the island?

FREAKY!!!!   (click here for photos)

Capt. Joy