Well, today was a bit different than yesterdays ½ day. The weather started out gorgeous. The crowd was a bit smaller and fishing was not as good.

Not that there was nothing caught! Enough Grunt were brought in for everybody to go home happy. Bunches of Porgy and Sea bass were also part of the total. Not to mention all the shortie Red & Gag Grouper.

According to eyewitnesses, you could see the cold front rolling in. It went from sunny, to dark, windy and rainy within a few minutes. It rained, blew a bit and as soon as it arrived..it was gone! The sky opened up and the sun returned.

Speaking with departing passengers, it was clear that everybody had a great time. One family from Maine said they had a blast and even posed with some of their cleaned catch.

(click here for pics)

So, in a nut shell, ANOTHER front has arrived and we will be tied up for a few days. The wind is howling here in Tarpon Springs.Hopefully we will be getting out again very soon. We aren’t liking this winter so far!! But hopefully, it will make for some hungry fish when we get back out there 🙂

Capt. Joy