Today, Sunday January 12, 2014 our half day departed at 11:00 AM with many  hopefuls aboard. We had peeps from Ohio, Minnesota,Kansas and even some of our Tampa Bay half day lovers were out again with us.

Due to the recent cold snap, the inland waters of the Gulf were horribly dirty or “muddy”, which makes for less than desirable fishing. Therefore, Captain Mitch worked his way out to about 45 feet of water to clear that line of mud. The left over swells from recent high seas were also present,but didn’t hinder the days progress.

It proved to be a smart move on Mitch’s part  as the Grunts (Grey Snapper) were flying in the boat (they must of been hungry) Porgies and Sea Bass were also part of this great catch. And not to be forgotten, a bunch of “shortie” Gags and Red Grouper were caught and safely returned.

A few dolphin were  also spotted on the way home putting on their show. So, to sum it up…this was a great day of fishing!  Hopefully this weather pattern will break and we will get in some more fantastic days in soon!


Captain Joy