The past few trips for American reds have given our anglers good action. It seems as if the fish have been testing the commitment of the fisherman. The trips have been slow to start on the first night with a pick of Snapper and grouper until the next afternoon. Once the sun gets lower on the horizon the fish kick it into “I’m hungry” mode and start snapping. The Gag & Red grouper and the Mangrove snapper have been mixed in with the night bite. Click here for some pics

Gag grouper season is opening on July 1st so we can finally start to keep some of the molly whopper gags we have been catching.  From what the rumors are around the docks, It looks like the season might stay open until December.

We have a few trips that have had some last minuet cancelations, If you wanted to get on the red snapper bite or if you have been trying to get on one of the Angryfish trips here is your chance… This is what just came available. Book online right now if you want on!!

  1. June 24th 24 hour red snapper
  2. June 25th 26 hour red snapper
  3. July 1st     2day 30 fathom Angryfish hunt

We have also added a new trip on the July 4th weekend.  It is a 3day Pulley ridge and beyond deepwater challenge. We had such an awesome trip on our last Pully ridge and beyond trip that I can’t wait to get back out there. This time we also can keep Gag grouper so we will fish in the 45-70 fathom depths for Gag grouper and Giant amberjack and out to 140 fathoms for the deepwater Snowy and Yellowedge Grouper, Gray and Golden Tilefish, Queen Snapper and Barrel fish.  A fathom is 6 feet… so 45 fathoms is 270 feet deep and of course 140 fathoms is 840 feet! There is also some great trolling opportunity’s to be had. The last trip out there was some pretty decent Tuna action while getting out there and moving from spot to spot. Check out our website for recent pulley ridge photos and the photos of one of the Gulfstar fishfinders with a 800 ft deep ledge that has a massive pile of fish on it.

100_2855 100_2854

The trip will depart at 12 noon on Thursday July 4th and return approx. 12 noon on Sunday July 7th 2013. The passenger limit is 12 and the fare is $850.00.

The Pully Ridge area has a series of deep water ridges that extend for up to 30 miles that run parallel to the West Florida Escarpment.  This trip is a proven box filler.

  1. Limited load 12 passengers
  2. $850.00 per person
  3. Price includes: Fishing and rigging advice, hot and cold meals, soft drinks, coffee, frozen and LIVE bait, ice, fish cleaning & parking
  4. Tackle not included
  5. Departs Thursday, July 4, 2013 @ 12 pm Returns Sunday, July 7, 2013 approx. 12 noon
  6. Bring two jumbo coolers

Recommended Tackle:

Rod: 7’-8’ heavy duty rod

Reel: 4/0 or larger conventional reel

Line: 60-80 pound test line, 500’ of braided line

Hooks: 8/0, 9/0, 10/0, & 11/0 circle style hooks

Sinkers: 4 oz. – 12 oz. egg sinkers, depending on current

Leaders: 60 lb. – 100 lb. test leader material

200 lb. test barrel swivels

Diamond Jigs: 6 oz. – 10 oz. hammered (gold/silver)


Rod: 7’ medium heavy rod

Reel: 3/0 or larger conventional reel

Line: 40-60 pound test line, 300’ of line

Hooks: 4/0 – 6/0 circle hooks

Sinkers: 4 oz. – 8 oz. egg sinkers

Leaders: 50 lb. – 80 lb. test leader material

150 lb. test barrel swivels

Diamond Jigs: 5 oz. – 8 oz. hammered (gold/silver)

The following should be in addition to the tackle listed above.

Deep Water Trips (over 300’ drops)

Rod: 7’ to 8’  heavy duty rod

Reel: 6/0 or larger conventional reel, Electric reels recommended

Line: Minimum 500 yds.(1500 feet) of 65 or 80 lb. test braided line, 100’ of 80 to 100 lb. test mono top shot

Sinkers: 12 oz. – 24 oz. egg sinkers, and 2-4 lb. deep drop sinkers

Leaders: 60 lb. – 125 lb. test leader material,

Swivels: 3-way 300 lb. test swivels

250-300 lb. test barrel swivels