So, the adventure began around noon on Friday. It was a cold and rainy but smooth ride, with a following sea.  That evening brought some Mangos along with a bunch of  Kingfish. (It was on the slow side.)

By Saturday, they made their way to 450 feet of water, but by then, the weather had gotten ugly.

The first front had rolled in and brought sustained winds around 40 knots with gusts up to 50 knots. Making it nearly impossible to keep the boat anchored.

This was a tough decision, but after  failed attempts to re-anchoring the boat, Captain Jerry made the call and headed for the elbow. Here, fishing was also tough.They picked off a few fish slowly, but again,nothing too exciting.The bottom machine showed some bright colors but the darn fish would not respond as Jerry had hoped.


By Sunday morning, they had moved inshore which paid off. The action had bugun and our happy fisherman all limited out on American Reds, some were huge! All from ONE STOP! A plentiful amount of Amberjack were also caught.  (click here for pics)

A few nice Red Grouper were included in the mix, as well as those Kingfish, Porgies, LOTS of Mangos and some HUGE Gags! (which of course had to be thrown back, but check out the photos)


It was a rough start, but ended up being a great trip. the passengers had nothing but praise for Capt. Jerry’s efforts.

Jason, who was fishing with us from NY,commented about how thrilled he was with his awesome “mixed bag” of fish.

Chris took home 1st & 2nd place in the Snapper Jackpot while Wil won 1st place  twice with his Monster Amberjack and Mangrove Snapper.


So..after getting their butts kicked around, this latest adventure turned out well for our tough bunch of fisherman. Way to go guys!

Capt. Joy