This was just one of those “what just happened?” days.  Fishing in  about 55 feet of water the Gags seemed to have gotten the best of our Fisherman. Talking to the people on the dock, the story  seemed to be the same, consistent “tail” 😉


They were getting some awesome hits, but either the grouper “rocked them up” or they were getting broken off. The prefered bait was of the dead kind. Squid and sardine were the choice of these Grouper today.


There were many nice fish boated which include some fantastic size Gags and Reds. along with “Break off Bob ”Selby’s first Scamp AND an Octopus named Harold. His son, “Bottom Bob” also had a fantastic but hard time figuring out how he was getting “schooled” by these fish.


In all seriousness, Capt. Jerry commented that those fish lit up the bottom machine and that it is common practice that the Gags in shallower water are some smart  cookies.


On the weather front: The fog managed to be stay thick all day long, and the dolphins also put on their magical show today too. No splashes from the dolphin. but there was a bit of rain for a while.


Pals Jerry & Timmy  also had a great day fishing together and Tim even took home the jackpot with a beautiful size Gag. Nice job!! (click here for pics)


To sum this trip up…I guess the catch could of been a little better, but the fishing was phenomenal!

Capt. Joy