Today’s half day trip was a breath of fresh air..literally. I say this because I was out on this trip and it is always great to get out on the Gulf and spend the day with good people.


Donna & Ray were back. They reside in Chicago and this was Ray’s second trip in two weeks.

Last week he was on the twelve hour. They both had a great time and I enjoyed chatting with them. Turns out they had fished with my Father years ago on the Two Georges. Very cool!


On the flip side, there was John & Jill K. who was with another John..John A. All from Long Island.

They were busy with the Grunts today.And even though John had to throw back some shortie

Grouper, he had a fantastic attitude by replying “Its OK” after each occurrence! Great people!


Fishing was picky, and the tide was not very cooperative. But we still managed to squeak out a nice mess of fish. Lots of Grunt, some Porgies and even a few blow fish. Not to mention the six or seven throw back Grouper.


Our dolphin made their presence known and we had a pelican following us around all day for free handouts! The water is so darn cold that fishing is getting difficult for them too! No worries, spring is right around the corner!


For pictures..please see our facebook page(Gulfstar fishing) until our photo album is back up.

Captain Joy