Saturday & Sunday’s half day trips were similar as far as the fishing went.

On day one, the weather was sunny the majority of the time and they were fishing in about 40 feet of water.

The catch was pretty good,lots of grunts and a shortie Red Grouper were caught.

A baby shark was also biting on Saturday and was safely released.


Sunday’s scene was a different one. The fog was very heavy all day. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day on land, out in the Gulf, the visibility was awful.

Fishing was pretty good. A bit closer in on Sunday with just as many Grunts and Porgie’s as the day before.


The weekends bring out the smaller boats. This is all good, but in the fog, its a different story.

Many people with boats lack the experience and or equipment to practice safe boating on days like this. Definitely keeps our Captains and deckhands on their toes!


Great couple of half day trips. Lots of happy departing passengers! More half day trips to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Captain Joy