Big contrast today compared to yesterday. The weather today: Cloudy,rainy and windy

And the crowd was small.

The fishing was fantastic. It was a three stop trip. Captain Jerry started in about 20 feet of water.

The first stop was feeling hopeless, so they move out a bit further,


The second stop was picky at best, and things were looking a bit bleak. By stop #3 the depth of water was @ 25 feet. And the third time was a charm!


The Grunts were flying in the boat. “Shane” one of our deckhands,commented on how one fisherwoman on the stern was dropping her line down and as soon as the sinker hit the bottom, she was hauling in another fish.


Shane worked the deck alone today and was cleaning fish all the way up to the time they tied up the boat.


Two of our fisherman had such a good time that they applauded Capt. Jerry as he exited the boat.


It was a very small crowd on this fine day with a very large catch.  See…size DOESN’T matter!

Captain Joy