Today  we had a sell out crowd. The fantastic weather is always a great draw for our out of town guests. Canada and Michigan were just a couple of places some of our fishermen were from.Today were got out to about 40 feet of water with an hour and a half running time.


The entertainment was great as usual with our beautiful family of dolphin and even eyewitness accounts of a Sea turtle.


Fishing was picky, but productive. Porgie, blow fish, and lots of Grunt were caught. A few Gags were brought in with some undersize Red Grouper.


“Allen” from Wildwood was thrilled to inform me of his awesome day. “I caught the first, the biggest and the most fish”!  His biggest according to Capt. Jerry was a 19 &½ inch Red Grouper.

Just a hair too short.  Oh was a fun filled and enjoyable trip either way!

Captain Joy